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Seattle's The Dream in 2019

Visit the Hospitality Room (Summit Room 1&2) ASAP to get your Goodie Bag and Wristband ($10 per wristband/person).
You will need your wristband for dance/party entrance and drink discounts/specials.

Wednesday 2/6/19
6:30am-10am: Breakfast Hours (Northwest Landing)
Noon-10pm: Hospitality Room/Reception/Registration Hours (Summit Room 1&2)
10 am: Local Touring
2pm: Meet & Greet (Atrium Lounge)
7pm: Karaoke (Paradise Room)

Thursday 2/7/19
6:30am-10am: Breakfast Hours (Northwest Landing)
10am-10pm: Hospitality Room/Reception/Registration Hours(Summit Room 1&2)
10 am: Local Touring (10am Georgetown Brewery&Pub Crawl)
Noon: Nationals Board Meeting (Paradise Room)(CLOSED)
1:30pm Nationals Board Meeting (Paradise Room)(OPEN)
5pm: Game Night (Paradise Room)
8pm: Dash Plaque Bingo (Paradise Room)

Friday 2/8/19
6:30am-10am: Breakfast Hours (Northwest Landing)
10am-8pm: Hospitality Room/Reception/Registration Hours (Summit Room 1&2)
10am: Van Gogh (Atrium Lounge)
2pm: Pool Party (Doubletree Pool)
4 pm: Nationals Board Meeting - Nats Bids (CLOSED)
8pm: "Sleepless in Seattle" Pajama Party/Dance (Northwest Ballroom)

Saturday 2/9/19
6:30am-9:30am: Breakfast Hours (Northwest Landing)
9:30 am - 12 pm: Council of Councils Meeting (Northwest Ballroom)
Noon-8pm: Hospitality Room Hours (Summit Room 1&2)
4pm: Hotwheels Van Races (Northwest Ballroom hallway)
1:30pm Van Show n' Shine *Awards at 3:30pm (outside Northwest Ballroom hallway)
2pm: Bar Trading (Atrium Lounge)
7pm: Raffle and Door Prizes - Winners Posted (Summit Room 1&2)
8pm: "Starry Nigh Dance" (Northwest Ballroom)

Sunday 2/10/19
6:30am-10am: Breakfast Hours (Northwest Landing)
10am-2pm: Hospitality Room Hours (Summit Room 1&2)
(Please pick up you banners from the Summit Room)
Hotel Checkout: 11am

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